82104 - Air Lift Universal Air Suspension - SlamAir Air Shocks

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Part #: 82104
Notes: AS Sleeve
Your Price: $625.00


Compressed 10.21in
Extended 14.73in
Size Medium

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Compressed 9.10in
Extended 12.33in
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82106 $625.00 Notes AS Sleeve
Compressed 11.61in
Extended 17.53in
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Compressed 13.16 Compressed 19.50in
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Extended 11.83in
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Compressed 9.71in
Extended 14.23in
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82605 $625.00 Notes AS Bellows
Compressed 11.11in
Extended 17.03in
Size Long
82607 $625.00 Notes AS Bellows
Compressed 13.00in
Extended 19.00in
Size XLarge

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Product Description

Air Lift SlamAir Shocks are the perfect coilover shock replacement for hot rods.

Lower Your Custom Vehicle
SlamAir® Shocks are a value priced alternative to coilover suspensions for your custom application. Our performance air shocks get you the lowered look you crave and the safety and reliability you need.

Bellows Style
Used primarily for FRONT suspensions, the bellows style bag has a higher load capacity than a sleeve style. Using Air Lift brand air springs allows for a higher pressure rating, and the best warranty in the industry. Air Lift air springs “balloon” less under pressure, keeping the max. diameter to only 7.0″.

Sleeve Style
Used primarily for REAR suspensions, a sleeve style bag keeps the spring rate down to improve the ride quality. Using a tapered piston sleeve style bag, we’re able to create a progressive spring rate similar to a high end coilover. By tapering the piston and not the bag, we can keep the max. diameter to only 5.1″!

9-way adjustable damping, end mounts, and optional inverted mounting are just a few ways SlamAir Shocks can help you customize the look and ride quality of your truck.

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